We can be found on a number of places online...  

Being that in New Zealand, our most widely used Social Networking site is Facebook by a wide majority, we primarily utilise our social presence here. Until recently, our focus within the social media world has primarily come from a research perspective, our original Facebook page was titled Using Social Networking Sites to Benefit New Zealanders...

But we have created our own business page and would love for you to show us some love and press Like on our page so we have some friends on our new one too!! 

You can see our current work on the main "Hub" page for AssistNZ which is found on our business cards also - http://hub.assistnz.com/

Or see blog posts from James and I both at http://member.assistnz.com/ 

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We aim to support and encourage Kiwis to use and integrate social media in useful and beneficial ways to improve their daily lives, communities and current state of the world. We believe with New Zealand's largely accepted position as a representative sample of Western Markets creates a unique opportunity to demonstrate better alternatives to the world. 

It is obvious that our world currently needs change, our societies have been vocal but not active about the need for it for years. Yet the realistic changes which we so desperately need in our communities is still to be seen. Social media empowers each of us to have the ability to influence and effect the realities we live in. 

At the end of the day, who is society if not each and everyone of us?? 

We have also developed a number of wiki sites, blogs and forum sites in the development of our sites to collate and build our knowledge and presence online.
We also have our own social networking site "Sweet As" which is set up on ning, this was mainly a historic site but some stuff still gets put up here occasionally... you can find it as http://sweetas.assistnz.com

Our main wiki is on PB Works at the moment... http://platformnz.pbworks.com 

But we have also alternated with other versions and developments on Wetpaint (http://assistnz.wetpaint.com/

Recently we launched a Charitable Trust project - Sweet As Social Media (the trust registration part of which we are still working through) we started with a bunch of websites, which I have listed below, the main of which being found at the registered domain www.sweetassocialmedia.com this has been the primary support page for the viral campaign launched on the 10th May, 2011 which we are calling "Be Nice Online" - Sweet As Social Media

There is a short script which we have compiled as the primary concerns from material relating to "digital migration in New Zealand" with a focus on the "family" kind of relevant issues. Primarily these are things such as cyberbullying, sexting, kids online, online privacy, digital rights and the digital devide kind of issues. We have recorded, with the help of an adorable 6 year old, Shizzi Bowden, the lead video as an example which we are now passing around "public figures" and over social media streams, particularly Twitter where we have been working heavily in the past few months (see below for more details). 


Jess Maher is our resident "twitter guru" and handles the business and charity feeds as well as any of those which are part of work we have otherwise been commissioned on. Some of the stuff she has done lately has been very cool, and some wicked contracts have very fortunately come our way which is nice. Below we have outlined some of the recent feeds Jess has and in many cases, is still running below and linked to those profiles. However, the "paying client" role in many of these project relationships has been a downfall in terms of the work Jess has managed to do, but her personal account on twitter is her focus, which she enjoys and we love the experience and knowledge she's adding by doing so, so completely encourage her to continue "making the tweets others are too scared to" as she puts it on her own feed of course @jezzieann

This is our business account 

This is related to the charitable trust above.. 

This work was for an charity event which was born from a Facebook event... in this Jess also set up a YouTube Channel, MySpace page, Sound Cloud Account and Facebook Page for the project. Partly due to frustration on her behalf of not being able to get access to the original facebook event as an administrator despite working on the website and other feeds due to errors and inconsistent messages. In the end, the concert did not come to fruition unfortunately. 

This is for work related to the recent law change. We are also responsible for the website related found at http://nzblackout.blogspot.com/